A Tree at the Centre of Flood

A tree stands

at the centre of flood,

the only thing

standing on our land,

overthrown by flood.


I long to see

that stump

on which we used to sit,

after the farm’s work.

That fire place,

where we gathered

for warmth

and roasted our crickets

for picnic.

That mud bed

on which we used to lie

to refill our strength

for the following day.


Nothing i could see now,

for the torrential flood

rides on our beds and ridges,

on our homesteads and farmsteads.

All that remains of us,

is that tall tree

under which tall tales

are told to us in the moonlight.


The only tree,

still standing

at the centre of flood.

Poet’s Bio: Gabriel Bamgbose is a Nigerian writer and critic. He is currently teaching in the Department of English, Tai Solarin University of Education, Nigeria. He is the founding editor of Ijagun Poetry Journal. He is widely published in different academic journals, national and international. Some of his literary works have appeared in The New Black Magazine, The Literary YardBareBack MagazineSankofa MagazineOnline Nigeria and Ijagun Poetry Journal. Also, one of his poems is longlisted for the 2013 Ghana Poetry Prize and is forthcoming in Prestige Anthology. Contact him at gabrielbamgbose(at)yahoo.com

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