Category: Southeast Asia

‘Up in The Mango Trees’ by Lily C. Fen

Lily C. Fen

Short Story ID- 9/2015 Tikbalang was the exact opposite of his more famous cousin, the centaur. Where the centaur was mysterious, quiet, and foreboding, and looked graceful with his chiseled abs, and powerful horse’s body, Tikbalang was not. He had…

‘The Rajah’s Wife’ William Tham Wai Liang

William Tham

Short Story ID- 1/2015 My dear Isaka, How many mothers have been forced to leave their children, only to communicate with them through letters? I am penning these words inKuching, bythe muara of the Sarawak River. I was told, and…

‘Returning the Bird’ by Kerri Harris

Kerri Harris

Short story selected for the 2014 New Asian Writing Short Story Anthology I creep out of the quiet darkness of our house, where the smell of last night’s lamb chops lingers to a pre-dawn feeding and drinking frenzy that I…