‘An Unwritten Song’ by Sonam Dema

A thousand stars

A lone moon

A lonely boy

And I, a night-sky.


A thousand promises

A love song

A paper lover

And I, a perpetual dreamer.


A thousand voyages

A waning solace

A passing sailor

And I, a winding river


A thousand memories

A soothing melody

A forgotten voice

And I, an unwritten song.


Sonam DemaSonam Dema is Bhutanese, currently working as an English news editor with Bhutan Broadcasting Service in Thimphu, Bhutan. She started her career as a print journalist. She loves photography, traveling remote places and writing poetry. Her dream is to buy her dream farm house and keep writing.

You can mail her at sonamdema123@gmail.com

She blogs at www.sonamdema.blogspot.com

Illustration by Alan Van Every (Featured image on the front page)

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