Book Review: Chanakya in the Classroom by Radhakrishnan Pillai

Book Name: Chanakya in the Classroom

Author: Radhakrishnan Pillai

Publisher: Rupa

Rating: 3.9/5

Book Blurb: Good Morning, Chanakya Sir!
How we wish that this was true—that we could get the sharpest of minds to teach us how to deal with the myriad challenges life throws us!
What are some of the principles and suggestions given by the most revered teacher and observer of human nature that work best for students? Best-selling author of the Chanakya Series, Radhakrishnan Pillai, culls out some of these nuggets from the master and presents them in a lucid, easy to understand manner, making Chanakya’s teachings accessible to everyone.
Systematically addressing the most common issues faced by students, this book will help in: Concentration

Review: Chanakya in the Classroom is an interesting book and tries to link Chanakya’s teachings for the benefit of students.

The author has done considerable amount of research on Chanakya and the book has been written in a simple language with ample examples and real life situations making it highly suitable for even lay readers.

“Remember, no strategy is successful till you get the required results or goal. Strategic thinking is about achieving your goals in spite of all the problems and hurdles that may come in your way. Strategy is the key to winning.”

The best section in the book is about Life vs Exams. No exam is as big as the exam called life and there is no bigger school than the school of experience. The book acknowledges this truth and shows us how Chanakya prepared his pupil (Chandragupta) not just for exams but also for later life.

The book also has exercises that can prove to be helpful for those who wish to implement these important life lessons. This is a nice little self help book that teaches you the age old wisdom of Chanakya in a very easy manner.

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