Book Review: Resilience The Hawking Way by Virender Kapoor

Book Name: Resilience The Hawking Way

Author: Virender Kapoor

Publisher: Rupa

Genre: Non-fiction/Self-help

Rating: 3.5/5

Book Blurb: ‘I hope to inspire people around the world to look up at the stars and not down at their feet.’ Stephen Hawking faced the gravest odds in life with resilience and an unshakable belief in himself. Diagnosed at the fragile age of twenty-one with a debilitating and life-threatening disease, Hawking established himself as a legend in the field of cosmology. But many wonder how it is possible that a man could achieve immense success in spite of unimaginable suffering. Bestselling author Virender Kapoor shows how Hawking lived his life—an unusually difficult one—to not only achieve remarkable feats as an individual, but also contributed immensely to the discipline of physics and in understanding our unique place in the world. The seventh book in the series, Resilience: The Hawking Way is a must-read for anyone who is highly ambitious and hence, must overcome insurmountable challenges in the journey to achieve their dreams.

Review: Resilience The Hawking Way is a short summarised view of the life of Stephen Hawking, the legendary professor who was diagnosed with ALS at a very young age. He defied odds and became very popular worldwide for his theories and also for not giving up and managing to live a rewarding life.

Virender Kapoor tries to analyze the life of Professor Hawking and draws important life lessons that can be emulated by all. The book is very concise and very useful for people who are yet untouched by the life of this extraordinary man.

“Stephen Hawking was brilliant in his own way. He never worked for grades.”

The book is very short and does not provide a holistic view of his life. It is instead written as a sort of self-help book that will help you in learning from the life of Professor Hawking.

The important events of Professor Hawking right from college to his marriage and divorce are also well documented. But the book is very concise and for readers who are aware of Professor Hawking’s life, there may not be anything new here.

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