‘Musical life’ by Kavya Janani

Music is a heart touching soul

That must be enjoyed on the whole.

Music is a divine expression of speech

Easy for the musicians to teach.

Music is a beautiful art

Close to everybody’s heart.

Music is the one which makes the world go around.

One must not think that it is a mere sound.

Music is the food of love.

It is as pure as a dove.

Music is the God of Nature

Almost vast like a green pasture.

Music is a celebration of joy,

Never does it annoy.

Music is our best companion

That stays as a world champion.

Music is a doting mother.

Finally ending up as a significant other.

Music is a great masterpiece

Always giving us a sense of peace.

Music is an abode of positivity

And cancels out the negativity.

Music contains enormous entertainment

Without the need of any accompaniment.

Music can be deeply felt.

It makes everyone’s heart melt.

Music is a vast ocean

In which we have to exhibit passion.

Music, in itself, is a language

That is spoken universally.

Music speaks loads of fun and frolic

That could be enjoyed to the core.

Music provides power to do things

That seem to be impossible.

Music brings back hidden memories

That can be treasured forever.

Music is a spiritual sound

That enthralls us every time we listen to it.

Music is a magical fable

That hypnotizes us when we read it.


Poet’s Bio: Kavya Janani is currently pursuing her engineering in Chennai. She has published four short stories and is currently penning her novel “With love, forever” as a series in Wattpad website.

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