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Cheryl Bradshaw

Cheryl Bradshaw became interested in writing at a young age, but it was almost two decades before she put pen to paper. In 2009 Cheryl wrote her first novel, Black Diamond Death (Sloane Monroe Series, Book 1). Within six weeks of its release it was in the top #100 in two different mystery categories on the Kindle and has been a top ranked novel since April 2011 averaging 4.8 out of 5 stars from reviewers. Visit her here.

NAW- Tell us about your book, Bed of Bones. What’s next in the Sloane Monroe series?

Bed of Bones, the fifth instalment in my Sloane Monroe series, begins in the summer of 1956. Thirteen-year-old Willie Compton and his younger brother Leonard stumble upon a mine shaft while hiking the hills of Park City, Utah. Leonard falls in, and a grizzly discovery is made.

Book six on the series, Hush Now Baby, was just released. Here’s the product description:

On a crisp, fall night, Serena Westwood wakes to the faint stirs of her crying baby. Bottle in hand, she tiptoes to the other side of the house, sneaks up to the crib, looks in. A wave of panic grips her as her real nightmare begins. Inside the crib, there is no baby.

Bed of Bones book cover

NAW- Tell us about your forthcoming book, Echoes of Murder? What is it about?

Echoes of Murder is a novella, the second in my Till Death do us Part series. Like Whispers of Murder, this book also begins with a marriage ceremony that ends in murder, leaving the guest to figure out who killed the bride and why.

NAW- Tell us about your other works.

Cheryl Bradshaw’s Novels:

Sloane Monroe Series:

Black Diamond Death (#1)
Murder in Mind (#2)
I Have a Secret (#3)
Stranger in Town (#4)
Bed of Bones (#5)

Hush Now Baby (#6)

Addison Lockhart Series:

Grayson Manor Haunting (#1)

Rosecliff Manor Haunting (#2) Coming Soon!

Till Death do us Part Novella Murder Series:

Whispers of Murder (#1)
Echoes of Murder (#2) Coming Soon!

NAW- Why did you select the mystery/thriller genre? Who are your favourite authors in this genre?

I grew up reading Agatha Christie, and actually have many of her print books in my collection. I loved her novels as a teen—the characters, the settings—they were always so intriguing to me.  I feel the same way about Robert B. Parker and Blake Crouch. It was easy to choose this genre to write in because I’m writing the same kind of books I read.

NAW- Tell us about your publishing journey. What are the advantages (or disadvantages) of being an indie writer?

I published my first novel, Black Diamond Death, in 2011, and I have published an additional six novels since that time. In my opinion, there were no disadvantages to publishing as an indie at that time. The disadvantage to an indie writer comes when the writer doesn’t treat their job as a business, as a brand, constantly doing things to get their name out there. No one knew me when I published my first books, and they weren’t ever going to unless I worked hard to make it that way. I did, and as a result, I’ve been lucky enough to collaborate with some of today’s best authors. I’ve made bestsellers list. My books have been nominated for awards, sometimes even winning. At the end of last year I signed with one of the best literary agents in the country. All of these things make me feel blessed. I’m doing what I love, what I’m passionate about, and I’ve never lost sight of how hard I worked to get here, or of all the author friends who’ve helped me along the way.

HNB book cover

NAW- Tell us about yourself. What do you do when you are not writing?

Whether writing or not, traveling is my favourite thing to do. I love to immerse myself in different cultures and other ways of life. At home when I’m not writing, my time usually revolves around my family and all the activities going on in our area. When I get time to myself, I spend it cooking and gardening.

NAW- How do you write, planning the complete plot beforehand or do you let the book take its course? Take us through your writing process.

I am a planner, but I’ve found planning doesn’t work for my stories. Usually I’ll decide what I want the book to be about, and map out the first three chapters. After that, I let the characters do what they need to do through spontaneous writing. I usually figure out the chapters as I go, coming up with three or four at a time as the story unfolds and tells me where it’s going.

NAW-What are you currently reading?

I am reading Stephen King’s Mr. Mercedes and Blake Crouch’s The Last Town.

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