Our old Asian philospophy could say that human life can be interpreted as a simple principle of 24 times 4

In retrospect, I, for a long time, seemed to have lived and consumed my own time and energy twice harder and faster than a normal life. Casually I spent 80 hours of work per week and soaked in a flood of thoughts about the whole boundaries of business. During the time, I couldn’t have any spare mind to look back, and even look around me. What on earth did happen to me? Ironically, I’ve never meant to dream of being rich nor being famous.

On a bright sunny Sunday, I stopped myslef and traced back on my past. Something was surely going wrong. Thereafter I decided to change what I have commonly done in the past.  I realized that I need to take enough time for meditation and deep thoughts. I slowly put down, from my complex mind, tons of problems and issues  in the business world and, instead,  fulfilled with thoughs of human and nature. While traveling my lonely but brain-brightening journey to find the wisdom of life,  I happened to capture an intresting idea of combining a human life into 4 seasons of nature.

In nature, there are 4 seasons in a year and human civilization quite long ago understood and followed this rule of nature to create a concept of year and season. Althought a 4 seaons doesn’t mean a full lifetime of human, our life has been balanced with this seasonality of nature. Besides, some Asian countries including Korea also have long been used 24 terms for the division of a year.  I started  from there.

Having thought deeply, I conceptually expanded the 4 seasons and the 24 terms of a year to a lifetime of human. This simply means that I multiplied 4 by 24. The result was 96 years. I set-up this number as lifetime of well-lived humanbeing. Then I tried to explain what it meant to be in our real life. Derived from the meaning of 4 seasons of a year, the concept surprisingly well explained 4 seasons of life. let me explain how it goes.

A 96 years of human life can be divided into 4 life seasons. Every life season consist of 24 yeras. The 4 life seasons are defined as 1. Growth 2. Fruit 3. Meditation 4. Resting

Firstly, growth season is the time of nurturing and nourishiment by the devotion of family and society. Young children are generously permitted not to be responsible for many social activities. However, they should learn and learn for a long time to prepare and to adapt to the real human world. They just dream and imgine what their future could be.

Secondly, fruit season is the time of ripening and birth by participating in the real world. During the season, people get a job, get married, give a birth, and experience many social activities. Some of dreams became realities, while others resulted in to live just under the given condition of life  However, during the season,  people live vigorusly and are fulfilled with futuristic beliefs for the upcoming fruits.

Thirdly, meditation season is the time to build the wisdom of life. At this time, not many new fruits remained. People have already enjoyed and tasted most of fruits of life which have been grown from one’s own farmland. He or she now slowly starts to think of the meaning of life. Most of learning happens not from the outer world but from one’s inner mind. Energy of physical  is silently melting down while the wisdom is rising up.

Fourthly, the season of resting is really a time to take a rest. Life and death come and go everyday unconciously by the hearing of news about friends and family just next to me. Religious belief can generally be a strong support to the mind of all living human beings. Jealousy, desires, and even regrets all look like just a reminiscence of  life.

Finishing my contemplation, I could  find a pathway to love my life in a different but boader aspect.  Everyone’s life is just a circulation of  4 seasons which brings  a pack of opportunites to spend and enjoy on one’s own.

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