‘Social Media Secret Sauce’ by Adam Houlahan (Book Blurb)

Social Media Secret Sauce

Adam Houlahan’s first book Social Media Secret Sauce is available now. To know more, read his interview here.

Are you a small business owner who wants to “do” social media but don’t understand it? Do you have social media but can’t get anyone to look at your content or follow you? Do you want to start seeing a massive return on your SM but don’t know how? Then this book is for you.
The business world globally has just experienced more upheaval in the last five years than almost anytime in history – but not through recession or government ineptitude. A little phenomenon called the internet has revolutionised how we buy products, get jobs, research purchases, book holidays and much, much more. It has enabled what were once small or local industries and operators to reach out to the world. No longer do businesses define their competition by geographical boundaries or a level playing field in which all players are bound by the same rules.

Does your SM stand out?
Most SMEs however struggle to stand out. The bad news is the next five years will be even tougher.
Now, more than ever as businesses we need to stand out from the crowd and compete on a global scale. Social Media has evolved from being simply a way to spend some leisure time interacting with friends (or finding new ones) into an essential tool all businesses must master. It is no longer enough to just have an appealing website. But how?

Vast experience
Having a background in business management spanning 25 years across numerous industries as a business owner, General Manager and CEO, Adam Houlahan has seen first hand the tidal wave of change that has taken place. The inevitable domination the internet will now play in the daily lives of small business owners is upon us and he began researching how large corporations with deep pockets were using Social Media to stay ahead of the game.

SM costs too much. It doesn’t have to.
According to Adam, getting started is the biggest challenge. “I speak to business owners every day who have similar stories.” “Yes we have a website and some social media profiles, but nobody follows them, and we cannot afford to employ someone just to sit there all day and build a following for us on-line.”

You can do it yourself and it won’t cost a fortune
What if there was a way to do it that didn’t cost a fortune? That worked and created genuine
followers eager for content and, eventually, your products? Adam has developed an impressive
process that anyone can use to gain a massive on-line presence in just one hour per day. He’s done it himself, and done it for others. If you own a small business you must read this book so you too can make social media work for you. He gives business of any size the tools to claim their place on this global playing field. Adam has successfully taught this process throughout North America, Australia and the Middle East. He has the Secret Sauce that businesses need to “do it themselves” and never look back.

So what prevents small business from succeeding with their on-line strategies? Adam indentifies Five Key requirements that most fail to achieve:
1. Creating awesome content your target market wants to consume
2. Getting followed by the “right” people
3. Engaging with your network
4. Getting your message shared
5. Creating long term customers or clients

The 5 Key areas that he covers in Social Media Secret Sauce:
1. Why you need a Social Media presence and how to build a strong follower base
You can keep paying over and over for the Pay Per Click or Pay Per View campaigns Facebook and others spruik, or you can build your own data base of active and engaged customers and clients. Once you have a laser targeted follower base in your niche, the ROI on your marketing campaigns simply explodes.

2. Content and Branding
Your on-line presence and the quality of information or service you provide is just as important as your presence in the physical world. The best Social Media strategy in the world cannot help you if you do not have your content and branding right.

3. Creating a killer profile on LinkedIn
With over 250 million profiles now on LinkedIn, you need to stand out from the crowd. Adam
shows how he became one of the top 1% of all profiles in the world and why LinkedIn themselves use his profile in their marketing campaigns.

4. The Platforms
The program covers the use of Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, Google Plus and Facebook and powerful software applications that can target specific niches. Running this software 24/7 is the key to the 1 hour a day concept.

5. The 1 hour a day concept
To achieve such diverse coverage across multiple networks in just 1 hour a day requires planning, software applications and a daily tasks schedule. All of these requirements are covered in detail, allowing anyone with average computer skills to follow the step by step process.

Social Media Secret Sauce – From Zero to 200,000 Followers in 1 Hour a Day is the step by step guide to help any small business owner or industry professional create a world class on-line presence. I have shared my best knowledge based on 2,000 hours of research, stress testing and implementing these processes with hundreds of clients around the world from multiple different industries. Unless you have a budget in excess of $70,000 per annum to engage a top level Social Media Consultant, you need the skills to do it in-house. And this is the book that will give you the ability to “do it yourself” and own your space in the global playing field.

Adam has done it and you can too. If LinkedIn use his profile as a marketing guide, you just know he’s able to show you how to master social media. You just need the ‘secrets’ he delivers in the book – and the capacity to put in 1 hour a day.

Email – mail(at)adamhoulahan.com

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