Book Review: And the Roses Bled by Mehak Daleh

Book Name: And The Roses Bled

Author: Mehak Daleh

Publisher: Fingerprint

Genre: Fiction

Rating: 4.8/5

Book Blurb: What happens when the dead come back and can’t let go?
A catastrophe occurs in what was meant to be a fun-filled day for Nina and Alisha. Minutes ago, they were on the swings in the Rose Garden and now, Alisha is standing alone, while the help runs frantically.

Her sister, Nina, has disappeared, never to be found again.

But the bond between them withstands even death. Nina’s ghost circles the house.

Is she here just to comfort her now lonely and distraught sister or is she pointing the way to unravel the mystery of her disappearance? the questions remain unanswered until six years later.
Another ghost is reaching out to Alisha from the beyond, a ghost only she can see and she has no idea why.

Battling the horror, the blood and the nightmares that follow her in this macabre turn of events, will Alisha be able to emerge from the whirlpool that the other side is trying to drown her in?

Review: And The Roses Bled is a dark tale and has been told very well. Horror if done write can enthral the reader but can also turn comic if done incorrectly. Very few authors in India have been able to manage to write horror tales in India and Mehak Daleh has spun a very good yarn with And The Roses Bled.

This book requires some patience and is the work of a master writer announcing the arrival of a great story teller to the world.

The primary tale is about the protagonist Alisha, her sister and best friend. The theme is very dark and horror lovers will definitely love this story. I don’t want to give out the plot since it has been written so well that you must read it yourself.

There are morbid themes in this book and its sure to give you goosebumps.

Mehak’s writing skills are extraordinary and she holds the plot well, never faltering playing with the readers and keeping them on tenterhooks.

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