Book Review: Bathinda to Bangkok by Vibha Batra

Book Name: Bathinda to Bangkok

Author: Vibha Batra

Publisher: Bloomsbury

Genre: Fiction

Rating: 4/5

Book Blurb: Mahi’s back in the pavilion, but, ji, her dreams got mixed with mud. Hopes got crushum-crushed. Heart became pieces-pieces. As if life isn’t tatti enough, one after another new-new siyapas are starting.
Mahi’s hungry to grow Ludhiana to London, her party-planning company, to international height. Lavith, her international returned ex-love, is thirsty for her blood. Leave work-life balance, she’s toh losing mental balance.
Her BFF (Bechari Frustoo Friend) Dingy’s to-be-in-laws are refusing first night in Bangkok. Her other BFF, Dumpy’s refusing to go anywhere without his Combo Pack — his Sweet Knife GF Simran and her paindu brother Raj. Her brother Niku’s business problem is not saying bye-bye. And her stepmom Bhooto (short for Bhootni) is – hai-hai – don’t ask.
But the question bothering her the most is: Will her ex come back to her? Will it be Lav-ith or Leave-it for Mahi?

Review: Vibha Batra’s romance-comedy novel, Bathinda to Bangkok is a modern take on the cliched run away marriage story. She tells a common story but does it in a humorous manner, in colloquial English. Her fast paced writing does not have a dull moment and it makes the story interesting.

The language is simple, the book is written in a rushed manner but it works very well for the book. It is full of humour and vernacular words are sprayed like confetti. Targeted at the urban Indian youth, it deals with modern relationships which are affected by hectic schedules.

The tale is about Mahi, an event planner whose job takes her all the way to Bangkok where she has to come face to face with her past. Mahi is a simple girl but fiercely independent and organising a wedding makes her realise about her inner desires. The main plot is centred around Mahi going to great lengths to plan a destination wedding for her friend, Dingy.

The author has developed and devoted enough time to all characters, even peripheral ones. The comic timing is superb and there are many laugh out loud moments in Bathinda to Bangkok.

The book has its emotional moments and it lends the book some semblance of reality. These rare emotional outbursts lend a real feeling to this book. But in essence, it is very much a romantic novel and will keep you entertained.

“My dreams mixed with dirt. My hopes were crushum-crushed. It was sign from above Tarzan didn’t want to get married or have children. I wanted to, but not at thee cost of my self respect.”

Will Mahi finally succeed in finding true love? Can love win or does the fast paced modern life life take its toll on love?

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