Book Review: The Shiva Sutras by Ranjit Chaudhri

Book Name: The Shiva Sutras

Author: Ranjit Chaudhri

Publisher: Fingerprint

Genre: Spirituality

Rating: 3.7/5

Book Blurb: As the legend has it, Lord Shiva appeared to Sage Vasugupta in a dream and instructed him to go to a particular stone near a stream. When sage vasugupta went there the next day, the Stone turned over at his touch, and on its face were inscribed the Shiva sutras. These sutras were to be revealed to those fit for grace as per Lord Shiva instructions. Explaining our true nature and the illusion were living in, the Shiva sutras guides us as to how we can set aside the illusion and experience ultimate reality. The sutras with their transformative message have the power to end our suffering and open up a whole new world for us.

Review: The Shiva Sutras are a body of Hindu Literature that is considered to have originated from Shiva, the most prominent deity in Hinduism. So much so, that a separate cult called Shaivism is dedicated to this God.

Shiva has been in existence since times immemorial, and unlike other Hindu gods such as Indra or Agni, Shiva’s significance has never diminished even though deities around him have been replaced.

The book, Shiva Sutras tries to explain the sutras in fairly simple language that will appeal to the ordinary reader. Translating sutras is a difficult task as the author himself confesses but the translation seems to be pretty correct. These are compilations of age old wisdom that are relevant in any age and useful for all.

“Hinduism has always held that the world is not real; it is lila- a play or a sport. You are like an actor on a stage. Do not get affected or burdened by the role you are playing.”

The author has however, limited himself to a mere theoretical translation not giving sufficient examples from daily life or even going in depth for a detailed explanation. This would have helped in making the book more appealing and easier to understand.

Nevertheless, this can be a starting point for people interested in Shiva Sutras. The wisdom contained here can be applied to daily life or even in profession. They cover many wide topics such as detachment, suffering, illusion and consciousness.

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