Book Review: Cursed At Kedarnath & Other Stories by Deepta Roy Chakarverti

Book Name: Cursed At Kedarnath & Other Stories

Author: Deepta Roy Chakarverti

Publisher: Life Positive

Book Blurb:  True stories of the supernatural from recent times… Do memories of our past lives remain buried within us? Can stone come alive? Does a soul in torment linger on? Can one be possessed by spirits? Such are the questions that we often ask ourselves and such are the stories that Deepta covers in her second book. This collection of six true stories gives us a glimpse into what lies beyond the edge of the shadows. They delve into the deepest parts of man and spirit, bringing together science and the supernatural with legend and lore. A book that promises to be just as thrilling as her first.

Review: Cursed At Kedarnath tells haunting stories of people who have been affected by the supernatural in some ways. The author has shared her experiences of meeting such people and it makes for an eerie read. The author also shares a lot of backdrop about the various shrines and places that have some supernatural element linked to them. The call of the Yoginis is a particularly interesting chapter and something that a casual reader may not be aware of.

Deepta has undertaken a bit of research for this book and explains through writings of various experts in the field of paranormal and supernatural events. It makes for a casual and interesting read.

Deepta’s voice is inconsistent and the language is not exemplary. The narration drifts far too often sometimes in the same chapter. However, the stories have some semblance of reality probably because all stories are of real people. A reader is likely to experience a sense of déjà vu while reading this book.

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