Book Review: Don’t Look Down by Karishma Attari

Book Name: Don’t Look Down

Author’s Name: Karishma Attari

Rating: 4/5

Publisher: Penguin

Book Blurb:

What if the one to betray you was you?

Alia may be turning eighteen, but (epic birthday parties aside) age is just a number to her now. Now that she’s been Changed, she knows no hunger, needs no sleep and has no human limitations.But it’s now that she’s trying desperately to hold on to her humanity. And the people she loves.

When a haunting darkness returns to the family villa she is forced to confront old ghosts, chilling secrets and ultimately—herself. Everything has a price, after all and by striking a deal with the devil, you risk giving up the one thing you were never meant to lose.

This poignant and un-put-downable sequel to I See You reveals that of all the demons we face, the most terrifying are the ones we own.


Karishma Attari has come up with another gem, following up on her gothic novel, I See You. The book is about Alia who on the outside is just like another normal teen and likes spending time with her boyfriend. However, paranormal events turn her life upside down all of which makes for an interesting read.  The haunted feelings, Alia’s dilemma and her transformation are very well described and  there is hardly a dull moment in Don’t Look Down.

Karishma is developing into a gifted writer with each work and Don’t Look Down builds upon the world first created by her in ‘I See You’. Enough anecdotes are provided in Don’t Look Down so even if you haven’t read her first book, this can still be read as a standalone work.  It is quite brave of Karishma to choose a genre which doesn’t have much readership in her home country and she comes out building a grandiose narration which is almost flawless. This work is just waiting to be built upon a feature film and hopefully some brave producer will pick up this tale. It’s that good!

The play with emotions is well documented. Sample this:

“Sweat bloomed upon his skin and dripped on to mine and I realised with relief that we were alone here at last. A dry sob swelled up inside of me and then I was still…”

Karishma seems to have researched quite well for this book and the descriptions of college and the city environment are quite accurate. I am just hoping that the author finished this work with another sequel that will complete this trilogy.


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