Book Review: Great Textpectations by Ruchi Vadhera

Book Name: Great Textpectations

Author: Ruchi Vadhera

Publisher: Rupa

Rating: 3/5

Book Blurb: Amaya Kapoor is a Delhi-based intellectually inclined thirty-five-year-old single, financially independent and sexually liberated woman, who wants to open a ‘boutique bookstore’ and live life on her own terms—single and content. What happens next? She comes across Rohan while playing Scrabble online, and they soon get chatting, enjoying each other’s company without the usual baggage face-to-face interactions bring. Using the premise ‘text is the new talk’, the book highlights fun text conversations between them, that are instrumental in connecting their worlds. Amaya and Rohan become an integral part of each other’s lives even before they realize it, and decide to meet. What happens to the virtual relationship when they meet in the real world?

Review: Great Textpectations is a light read and deals with the text-heavy and busy lives that are now a part and parcel of living in the many metro cities of India. The protagonists are contemporary and highly relatable. Their lives, fears, financial insecurity is something that every young Indian has gone through during the career building phase.

Amaya is a strong, independent and entrepreneur spirit who meets with a happy go lucky guy. Much of the wooing takes place through short chats. In between, both try to juggle out their busy work commitments and carve out a niche in their respective fields.

The book deals with the book industry and shows how poaching developing authors is a very fair game in the publishing industry. Perhaps this aspect could have been developed more but this book has been modeled as a quick read- something you can read easily on a short flight or a train journey.

“Tunnels don’t scare me, Rohan. Neither does the path. the only hitch in your plot is the ‘conditions applied’ clause. Also, I’m more of a stay-connected girl and your middle name is ‘incommunicado’.” 

The book may look like its very chick lit kind of fiction but there is a lot of emotion here and makes for an interesting read. Will Amaya find her calling and will her business take off? Read the book to find out.

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