Book Review of ‘The Gangster’s Son’ by Joseph Mark Brewer

Book Name: The Gangster’s Son
Author: Joseph Mark Brewer
Rating: 4.5/5

Crime stories have always thrilled me. I enjoy reading crime stories. This book too was an enjoyable read.
The story revolves around Sato, an inspector, as the lead character. A young waitress, Kimi Yamada is found dead in the alley. There aren’t any eye witnesses of this killing. Doctors claim banging of head against the wall was the cause of her death. There aren’t any bruises or any harm on her genital part and on her thighs which prove that she wasn’t raped. The only clues available are those of the tyre marks of two motorbikes and that of puke. Sato is perplexed. This case is probably supposed to be his last one as he is retiring soon.

Kimi Yamada worked for Jun Fujimori who is a son of the town’s well known gangster. She was in love with Charlie Jones, a GI. Her parents were totally against her love relationship. They were pestering her for a break up. That fateful night, Kimi planned to breakup with Charlie and unfortunately got murdered. Sato doubts Charlie to be the murderer. But he turns out to be innocent upon interrogation. A talk with the employees and the customers of the bar too, doesn’t yield any result.
Inspector Sato has a secret with the Fujimori family. Tanaka, another inspector, wishes to know about this secret so that he can corner Sato and put him in to trouble. He takes into confidence Sato’s colleagues and makes them fall prey and hence contribute in his evil plan.

Sato is placed between the devil and sea as Jun Fujimori and his cousin, Mos have gone missing right from the day of the incident. All questions are now directed towards them.

Meanwhile amidst all the commotion, Sato’s wife- Miki falls prey to another stroke and is hospitalised. Sato is in dual state of mind about arresting Jun. He cannot tamper with his alliance with Fujimori and his family. After a long battle between mind and heart, mind wins and Sato sets himself on the path of finding Jun Fujimori.

The truth that is brought to light at the end is an astonishing one! What was the truth? Did Jun Fujimori and Mos kill Kimi Yamada? Why did they kill her? Does Miki survive the stroke?

The Gangter’s Son is a must read for all crime lovers. The crafting of the plot has been done very well. The characters too have been developed appropriately. Each character has a significant role to play. The narration style is lucid and engrossing.

Sato and Miki’s relationship
Sato’s dedication towards his work
Cooperation from Sato’s colleagues

The end of the story seemed quite abrupt to me.

Divya BandodkarThis review was written by Divya R Bandodkar. She dwells in Ponda, a small town in the state of Goa. She is a Computer Science Graduate from Goa University. Eleven stories from her pen have been published so far. You can read her thoughts and her book reviews on her blog –Musings of a Vivacious Heart.

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