Book Review: Think, Eat, Live Smart by Anjali Hooda Sangwan

Book Name: Think, Eat, Live Smart

Author: Anjali Hooda Sangwan

Publisher: Rupa

Genre: Self-help/health

Rating: 5/5

Book Blurb: Concentrate on your overall well-being and weight loss is sure to follow. Think, eat, live smart is a comprehensive yet concise handbook on holistic healthy lifestyle. In today’s world, where bookstores are filled with health books obsessed with weight loss, Dr hooda’s stance is clear–she does not want to add another weight loss book to the world. Instead, what she wants to and does beautifully, is help readers choose prevention as a path to healthy living. This book touches upon subjects ranging from balancing nutrients in food, food myths, challenges posed by the Indian diet, behaviour modification such as stress management and portion control, to the importance of sleep, gut health, hormones and much more. It also provides various case studies to relate to readers across all age groups.

Review: Think, Eat, Live Smart is a fabulous little book full of very useful information regarding diets and how to make little changes in your lifestyle for an overall better life.

Anybody who has struggled with GERD or other digestive disorders knows how difficult life can be with such a condition. Dietary disorders affect your mental well-being and living with such conditions is a very difficult affair.

This little book starts off with case studies of different patients and shows how they made small alterations in their diet and daily routine to combat obesity and improve their quality of life.

The book is well structured and does not come cross as preachy but instead shows us how to go about changing our lifestyle through various case studies.

It tackles FAD diets such as single meal plan and other thousands of magical formulae that cause more harm in the long run. It also deals with other aspects such as addictions and how to make changes in the Indian context.

Many of the diet plans available on the internet are simply copy-pasted from the west and consist of ingredients that are either not available in the Indian market or are very expensive but this book is indigenous and is therefore extremely useful.

It ends with a cheat sheet and some recipes that you can try. Think, Eat and Live Smart is a handy little encyclopedia that will be of use to anybody who is facing trouble losing weight.

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