Contents of ‘Mr. Cheng’s Silver Coffeepot’ – A New Asian Writing Short Story Anthology

Mr. Cheng’s Silver Coffeepot is New Asian Writing’s soon-to-be-publihsed anthology of short stories that comprises the fictional work of forty-five writers from around the world who set their stories in a distinctive Asian context. And here’s the lineup:

Stories set in Thailand

  • ‘Mr. Cheng’s Silver Coffeepot’ by Trirat Petchsingh
  • ‘Lifelines’ by Ray Malcom
  • ‘Good Girl’ by Paul Salvette
  • ‘Disruptive Feelings’ by Voicu Mihnea Simandan
  • ‘Tsunami Religion’ by Anjali Prashar
  • ‘The Small Moment’ by Alan Van Every

Stories set in Cambodia & Thailand

  • ‘Nobody nobody (Weeraesque)’ by Giacomo Lee

Stories set in Myanmar (Burma)

  • ‘Within the Burmese Dream’ by Paul King
  • ‘Parallel Lines’ by San Lin Tun

Stories set in The Philippines

  • ‘Death Wish’ by Maria Melissa Obedoza
  • ‘Inocensia’ by Harriet Chan
  • ‘Beyond the Flickers’ by Gil Marvel P. Tabucanon
  • ‘Neverthelss’ by Imee Cuison

Stories set in Singapore

  • ‘Folk Remedies’ by Lay-Leng Ang
  • ‘Voices and Hearts’ by Timothy Nakayama

Stories set in Malaysia

  • ‘The Mark’ by John Ling
  • ‘The Streets of KL’ by Abirami Anne Durai
  • ‘Hantu: A Malaysia Ghost Story’ by J.C. Martin

Stories set in Nepal

  • ‘I Did Not Mean to Sell You’ by Sushma Joshi

Stories set in Pakistan

  • ‘Mousetrap’by Muhammad Ashfaq

Stories set in Bangladesh

  • ‘Ubiquitous Encounter’ by Mehreen Ahmed

Stories set in India & Iraq

  • ‘Baghdad, My Beloved’ by Saahith Shetty

Stories set in Saudi Arabia & Lebanon

  • ‘Nadia’ by Nick Sweet

Stories set in The United States of America

  • ‘Free Korean Dinner’ by A.D. Thompson

Stories set in India

  • ‘Sharma’ by Julie Bowen Kearney
  • ‘The Cost to Understanding’ by Irfanullah Farooqi
  • ‘The Departed’ by Vijayender Cherupally
  • ‘The Date: 26th December 2004’ by Nishath Nizar
  • ‘Tangerine Sky’ by Samyak Ghosh
  • ‘Blood Ties’ by Vandana Kumari Jena
  • ‘The Mystical Music’ by Sheila Samanta Mathai
  • ‘One-Day Bride’ by Sunita Lama
  • ‘Durga and the Holy Cow’ by Amita Murray
  • ‘Honour’ by Ritika Pathak
  • ‘Traffic Light’ by Puskar Pande
  • ‘Good Luck Charm’ by Vibha Batra
  • ‘Thirst’ by Hardik Sharma
  • ‘Aqua Regia’ by Subhashree Kishore
  • ‘The Time Has Come’ by Sangita P. Menon Malhan
  • ‘Brink of a beginning’ by Ankita Banerjee
  • ‘Love and a Wedding’ by Vipul Rikhi
  • ‘Annapurna Devi’ by Abha Iyengar
  • ‘Five Hundred Miles’ by Sabiha Armin
  • ‘Of Heroes and Hopes’ by Naheed Muqeetulla
  • ‘One Night and a Morning in Maya’s Life’ by Norden Michael Lepcha

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