“Courage for the Battered Heart” by Lazola Pambo

People of today have no sense of compassion,

Only a rare few show love,

So many crooks roaming about this world,

Fraudulent and disguised,

Even the postman nowadays,

Has a trick or two up his sleeve,


Why in the hell is AIDS a joke,

Homeless and petrified babies abandoned,

Hungry in the wilderness,

Yes in Africa and many parts of the world,


People of today have one thing in common,

All want a quick rich scheme,

To the land of God knows where in this darkness,

Brainwashed by materialism,

A luxurious empty lifestyle

Dying has many irrelevant ways



Poet’s Bio- Lazola is a poet, essayist and novelist. His works have been published in the 2012 Short Story Day Africa, Poetry Potion Journal, 2012 Pendle War Poetry collection, Fundza Literacy Trust and Moonlight Songs for Pa Nelson Mandela anthology amongst others. Lazola’s hobby is reading ancient and modern literature.

Illustration by Alan Van Every (Featured image on the front page)

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