“The Power of Forgiveness’ by Lazola Pambo

It takes a man and a woman of courage,

To ask for forgiveness,

The heart lives in pain but the mind lives in denial,

How exceptional indeed,

When broken pieces are gathered once again

Domestic violence

Never shows any harmony inside the household,

Children are luxurious

And so is the mother, who is battered and abused,

By her own husband,

But still forgives him in the light of tragedy,


It takes a man and a woman of courage,

To unite as one,

Admitting by saying, I am deeply sorry,

Grant me forgiveness,

Let us lick our wounds and be reconciled,

For a happy family

Which laughs and cries together

Brings renewed hope

When things seem drastically unchangeable

One thing only matters,

The power of forgiveness


Poet’s Bio: Lazola is a poet, essayist and novelist. His works have been published in the 2012 Short Story Day Africa, Poetry Potion Journal, 2012 Pendle War Poetry collection, Fundza Literacy Trust and Moonlight Songs for Pa Nelson Mandela anthology amongst others. Lazola’s hobby is reading ancient and modern literature.

Illustration by Alan Van Every (Featured image on the front page)

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