‘Lamp Post’ by Partha Pratim Das

On a mystic December day

So cold and weary a lamp was,

For a sudden power cut,

It had lost almost lost all its ,

Warmth  and brightness ,

Made the dark highway naked,

But the dying bulb

Was still gleaming ,had no longer ardour

To get the gloomy dark bark

Warmed,wrap’d amorously round with

A yellow scurf

Like the nearest enchanted past,

Touching gently its pitchy bark .


But the gloomy body is now waiting,

still waiting for the hopeful day, will come

and restore with ecstasy

The rapturous happiness, ever passionate duty,

When the lamppost

Will put its burning thermo-heart

Over the restless, ever waiting  dusky sullen bark

To feel the lost, deep hot breath for ever.

Partha Pratim DasPoet’s Bio- Partha Pratim Das, 20, is a literature enthusiast from Kolkata, India. He is also a writer and Prof. Ketaki Datta’s student and an active member of her `Writer’s Circle’. He writes in both English and Bengali. His stories and poems have been published in various magazines.




Illustration by Alan Van Every (Featured image on the front page)

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