‘Little Boy Blu’ (Book Excerpt) by Cara Brookins


Cara Brookins is the author of bestselling books Doris Free, a historical fiction set in Wisconsin during America’s great depression, a contemporary robot mystery Gadget Geeks, Treasure Quest, and TimeShifters trilogy for young adults. Below, you can read an excerpt from her book, Little Boy Blu. Courtesy: Cara Brookins. 

Excerpt from Little Boy Blu

Troy patted my shoulder from behind. I jumped and spun on reflex. “Don’t touch me.”

“Relax, Blu. They couldn’t have gone far. Let’s sit tight while Barrett has a look around.”

I stood in the middle of the kitchen with my eyes closed, imagining them running free through the forest. If it was possible for me to wish them away, then I would do it. Even in my imagination, Henry grew tired too quickly. His skin turned as dark as midnight. My lips moved, muttering silent encouragement. Hide, Henry. Run. Breathe. Keep going. Don’t stop. Run. Hide.

Barrett went to the bedroom, then the bathroom before he checked the closets and under the bed. Troy opened the rest of the cabinets, the oven, and the refrigerator, keeping a close watch on me all the while. When everything turned up empty, he narrowed his eyes at me and scratched above his right ear.

I had the almost unstoppable urge to touch him and make sure the white didn’t rub off. I hoped the whole thing might be a trick.

Barrett flipped cushions off the sofa and mumbled, growing more irritable by the minute. “Check the windows, Troy. See if any are unlocked or jarred. It’s a hell of a drop to the ground, but they could’ve made it if they’re tough as Layla said.”

He knows her! I played over the way her name had rolled off his tongue like a word grown easy and familiar. This man, Barrett, he knows Momma. How much does he know?

“Well, holy hell. What is this?”

My heart tumbled over itself.

Barrett pressed against the far corner in the den and pointed his flashlight behind the angled wooden stand holding up the television. “Craziest thing I ever saw. Kids are plumb blue. Blue as fairy creatures.”

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