‘Love Child’ by Imaan Sultan

its so strange

being the love child

of two lands

never knowing

which one’s your home

the children of the blue and red

staring in shock

at my confessions

blind to my



i’ve never held

sin in my lips

and let it disintegrate

into smoke

and the children of the sun,

mistaking my gentleness

and bold eyes



i am the

late night conversations

of my ancestors

clad in bright silk cloths

over hair

strong as rope

in my dreams,

i kneel with hesitation

and raise my head

to meet their

glimmering eyes

i timidly ask them

what oil could possibly give their hair

so much strength

they giggle when they tell me:


its not oil

its tears.

Bio: Imaan Sultan is an American Pakistani who lives in Saudi Arabia. She has been published in multiple local magazines and hopes to expand her writing to the world and eventually, write her own book. When she isn’t writing, she enjoys bullet journaling, listening to k-pop, and trying all sorts of food. 

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