‘MENU (Side A)’ by Glenn Whalan

Fried chicken cashew nut,

She’s hot in a sassy

Indian curry salad

Sort of way.

Fried chicken with oyster sauce

Lips parted;

Stuff omelet,

She’s hungry.


Deep fried pudding fish with curry –

(Pouting flesh, lipstick crimson)

Fried fish with tomato sauce,

Hungry for anything.

Fried with pepper and garlic

I scent her desire –

Fried fish tempura

Fragile I am, and ready.


Big fish delicious,

And I’m sure she is too.

Deep fried crunchy shrimp,

Her shell begins to break.

Steam fish,

As skin sweats on soft flesh,

Steamed fish coconut curry

I offer her sweet juice.


Squid salad,

Our limbs embrace –

Fish salad,

Tongues swim and play together.

Thai papaya salad

Velvety her meat is,

Plain rice

Seedlings of feelings grow.

Poet’s Bio: Glenn Whalan is an Australian exploration geologist who has lived for many years in Vietnam, Thailand and China. Currently querying the manuscript of his debut novel, he writes poetry while sailing his boat in the Aegean, his new home.

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