‘SHE’ by Satish Pendharkar

She showed us mountains

Purple and clouds cirrus

That crowned their peaks.

Through her we learned to breathe

And serenading Life

We began interpreting

The language of birds

And realized that Donkeys

As also Pigs are creatures of God


Children would rush out

Of homes, abandoning

Toys, trinkets and televisions

When she began playing

In the park

And lilacs would shedding

Perfume and inhibition, sway

Though breeze there was none

Lain on wrought-iron benches

Couples had their Fingers entwined;

Their hearts beating as one


Priests forsook Sunday Sermons

Instead leading congregations

To an invocation nearer God

So divine her rendition

That Divinity would rest

From work to appreciate


No doubt thundershowers

Would have drenched deserts

Had she on their sands

Even practiced; just as

Angry seas would have

Retracted themselves forever

Had they heard her notes


Her preludes would lead us

Through meadows and springs;

Through pastures where sheep

Would pause from grazing

Then nod, their bells

Applauding; and then taste

Grass sweeter than before


I swear I once saw

A raging fire freeze


When she began her movement

She played for fifty-two minutes

Till the screaming fire-engines

Drowned her ….


We had doctors sucking thumbs

Chemists drowning shutters

Nurses nursing boredom

Her melody banished illness

We joyfully treated her bow

The rosin more sacred to us

Than a rosary to a devotee


Her music transformed

The muted, mundane lives

Of us bumpkins

Into a seductive symphony

The strains from her violin

Serving to obliterate

Furrows from tender brows


The town total did thrill

To her transporting trill


Till Thursday last

When the lord did

Suddenly her recall

To selfishly hear her melodies

Or perhaps to grant her sight

Which he had

Denied to her from start


Lord, please return her to us

That we dead may awaken


Poet’s Bio;

SATISH PENDHARKARSatish Pendharkar lives in Mumbai. His Poems and Short Stories have appeared in Savvy, Agave Magazine, Dotdotdash, New Asian Writing etc.




Illustration by Alan Van Every (Featured image on the front page)

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