‘Sinking’ by Prathap Kamath


When the waters refuse

To swallow the sails



When the body blooms

And the mind rots



When all that laughter won’t

Wipe a little pain



When the blood of life

Goes black with love



When eyes blinded by light

Begin to see in darkness


Poet’s Bio:

 Prathap Kamath teaches English literature at University of Kerala. He has published a collection of poems Ekalavya: a book of poems.His is poems have appeared in several journals of national and international repute and  anthologies namely The Poetry of War and Peace and Words on the Winds of Change, both published from Canada by www.blurb.com. He is one among the 150 poets featured in The Dance of the Peacock-An Anthology of English Poetry from India published by Hidden Brook Press, Canada. He is also a short story writer.  Blood Rain and Other Stories (Delhi: LiFi, 2014) is his first collection of stories in English.

Illustration by Alan Van Every (Featured image on the front page)

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