‘So Far but So Near’ by Annapurna Bhattacharya

The warmth of the blazing Sun

Inspires the hopeful life on earth.

Its light shines through heaven

And a million of hearth.

Without it there is no day, night or year,

Wonder how,

Its so far but so near.

The blue sky above the sea,

Is a home for many stars and galaxy.

The birds fly across freely,

The puffy clouds glides gleely,

When i stand near the evening shore,

I see the horizon that makes me glow.

Wonder how,

Its so far but so near.

When i see these beautiful things ,

These inevitable natural happenings,

I think of you inadvertently.

Wonder how,

You are so far but so near.

Annapurna BhattacharyaAuthor’s Bio: Annapurna Bhattacharya has worked both in India and in the UK. She did MBA from the UK, MA in English Literature and graduation in Psychology from Mumbai University. She is currently working as an English teacher. 

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