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‘The Worship room’ by Afshan Shafi

Afshan Shafi

I saw what green walls, they had cocooned you in, with the refrain of your rosaries, brighter and brighter each evening, hemic knots cored and plucked into half moons, gold -sheaved narcissi starred with cochineal, the lilt of your white…

‘The two petals of selfhood’ by Afshan Shafi

Afshan Shafi

  They justified this war. they justified the fathomless amongst paper tulips and stars made of glue, ink and real hugs. Beyond this the world utters one silver sentence an hour. Beyond the woodcuts of us, the catty and lurid…

‘The Real Lonely kind’ by Afshan Shafi

Afshan Shafi

  ‘Coquetry is a triumph of the spirit over the senses’ Coco Chanel   Somethings are too unlovely to discover. the commonest toad has its emerald articulations to suffer. it has perhaps a comely defense, many pale islands of symmetry…