UNTIL LOVE SETS US APART (Book Excerpt) by Aditya Nighhot

Aditya Nighhot is pursuing his MBBS degree from a renowned college in Pune. He is a professional photographer, an avid reader, and fond of music. As a twenty-year-old student, he feels that he can connect to the emotions of the youth and express this through his books. With social messages being the crux of his books, his writing has proved to be a boon to his audience; as a result, he has been interviewed by various radio stations.
Aditya’s debut novel U n Me . . . It’s Complicated!!! was originally written as a hobby with limited copies printed for friends, family, and a few readers. But the positive reviews he received encouraged him to write another novel. His book Until Love Sets Us Apart, previously titled In the Blink of an Eye, won the “Best Romance Book of the Year” Award and has inspired him to write more. He is currently working on his next novel. Below you can read an excerpt from his book,  UNTIL LOVE SETS US APART.


“This one is for Aadi,” said Nikhil, raising his glass.
Not wine or alcohol but a glass which contained iced tea. My friends and I were sitting in one of the restaurants near my college. I was giving them a treat post my fi rst novel release. Well, not actually a release! ‘Print’ would be a better word! So, following the fi ve hundred odd copies that I had distributed amongst my friends and relatives, I was rejoicing over the positive response I had received.

Picture Credit: Fingerprint

Picture Credit: Fingerprint

They had liked it and here I was, partying with my friends. I introduced Nikhil and Varun to the others which included Naineesh, Hrushikesh, and Ajinkya, friends from my new college.
“When I was working on my fi rst novel, I really didn’t have the confidence in myself and never believed that it would ever turn out to be so good,” I said, offering some pizza to Naineesh.
“Yeah, after all some credit has to be given to us!” both Nikhil and Varun boasted. Everyone burst into laughter, looking at their expressions.
“Aadi always speaks about the two of you,” said Naineesh, grabbing some garlic bread.
“I have to give them credit; it’s because of them I actually thought about writing,” I said with a smile.
“Dude, that makes us look small!” remarked Varun.
Everyone smiled. We then spoke about our college lives—how our day began and how it ended.
All of us were medical college students, and found our course to be the most difficult one. Nikhil had just finished his twelfth standard and was waiting for the results to be declared.
“How’s everything going between Saisha and you, Varun?” asked Ajinkya. “Only if you don’t mind sharing it, because we got a hint of your relationship in Aadi’s novel and I am curious to know about what’s going on in your life,” he added.
“At the best phase, I can say,” replied Varun.
“Oh! So, perfect jodi, huh? God bless you both,” joked Hrushikesh.
“Thank you, Hrushikesh,” replied Varun with a huge smile on his face.
“Let’s click some selfi es,” said Nikhil, turning on his mobile camera.
All of us went through the photo sessions, forgetting the food on the table.
“Have you been working on any novel lately?” Varun asked me.
“I want to, but I am unable to zero in on a good story—rather I can’t think of one,” I replied, scratching my head.
“Think, dude. You are so fi lmy, I am sure you will get one,” mocked Naineesh, laughing.
“Oh, c’mon you’re still fi lmy? Don’t tell me!” exclaimed Nikhil.
“He is! And way too much!” added Ajinkya, giving some impetus to the conversation.
Nikhil, Varun, and I had not met one another for months and so they hardly knew anything about my new life. I was responsible for the long gap as I had become rather busy.
“Hang on, I’ll go pay the bill,” I said, making an excuse.
“Look, he’s running out of conversation,” Nikhil teased me as the others laughed.

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