‘Whatever love it’s love’ by Paola Caronni

Whatever love it’s love.
It’s a bonfire
An autodafe’
Untamed it burns.


Filial, familiar.
Like earthquake
It shakes the house
Tears down buildings
Hides in the closet
Or under the bed.
Doors shut.


Regrettable, forgettable
Wrinkled bed sheets
bra on the floor.
A soulless creature
left hanging around
in the nightly fear.
It cries to the world
anger and delusions.
Nobody cares.


Whatever love it’s love.
Crammed into your stomach
Spreading like a disease up to your heart


If wise
It will bore you
To death,
Close your nose
Hold your breath.


If passionate
It won’t last
It will turn sour
Creamy cool feeling
But deceiving.


Whatever love it’s love.
It takes you by surprise
Be surprised
Take your chances
Give, receive
Dump, be dumped
Lower your expectations
Believe in hallucinations
Cry for the pain
But don’t complain
No shame
Nobody to blame.


You chased it.
It chose you.
Even if it may look like a ploy
Or too coy

Paola Caronni is from Milan, Italy and has been living in Asia since 1995. She is a freelance translator and tutor of Italian language, and writes poetry and fiction. She holds an MA in English Language and Literature from the University of Milan and an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Hong Kong. Paola’s poems have been included in various poetry collections – ‘Desde Hong Kong: Poets in Conversation with Octavio Paz’, ‘Quixotica: Poems East of La Mancha’, ‘Mingled Voices 2’ – published in ‘Voice and Verse Poetry Magazine’, and appeared on ‘Cha, an Asian Literary Journal’. One of Paola’s short story was selected and published on the ‘PEN Hong Kong’ website. Since 2014, she has been a regular contributor to the cultural platform ‘Beyond Thirty-nine’ , where she publishes articles, fiction and poetry.

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