• The most popular graphic novel published by DC Comics, winner of the Eisner Award, and a New York Times bestseller, written by Alan Moore (Watchmen), illustrated by Brian Bolland
  • Stars Batman, the most popular DC hero and one of the most popular superheroes in the world, in the definitive conflict with his ultimate enemy, the Joker
  • Written by the hard-edged crime author Christa Faust (Money Shot, Choke Hold) in collaboration with her Hard Case Comics co-author Gary Phillips
  • The Killing Joke also is one of the most talked-about graphic novels released by an American publisher, and the adaptation is certain to receive extensive press notice

Synopsis: A criminal is immersed in chemicals that disfigure him, driving him mad and giving birth to the Joker. As Joker sets out to break Commissioner Gordon, shooting and crippling Gordon’s daughter, Batman races to rescue him. This edgy adaptation by Hard Case Crime novelist Christa Faust expands adds intricate layers to the cast and events of the graphic novel, further examining the nature of morality.

Author Biography: Christa Faust is a successful horror and crime writer. Her most recent novel Money Shot for Hard Case Crime won the Crimespree Award and was nominated for several others — a sequel is forthcoming. She lives in Los Angeles, California, and loves vintage shoes and noir cinema. Gary Phillips, comics writer, is best known for his creation
of Angeltown. He also wrote Shotcallers and Midnite Mover for ONI Press.

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