Adventure travel influencer Himadri Garg releases her maiden novel ‘Ghoomophiro’

  • Leading publishing house, Kalamos Literary Services LLP, releases her first travel fiction title “Ghoomophiro- Travel bringing
    families together” globally.
  • Himadri Garg is a travel influencer and heads a digital agency. She writes her travel musings on Ghoomophiro and showcase her photography skills in an annual exhibition “Shades of India”.

New Delhi, 28 January 2018: India’s leading adventure travel influencer, Himadri Garg released her first fiction novel “Ghoomophiro- Travel bringing families together” at the World Book Fair held at New Delhi. The book is a travel fiction that revolves around the lives of two sisters Nitika and Kritika and their exciting much-awaited trip with their family. Both of them are travellers and during this trip, they discuss everything about their travel tales. The book has been published by New Delhi based publishing house, Kalamos Literary Services LLP.

Himadri Garg is a travel photographer who started her travel journey with her sister Prachi Garg in early 2007. In the past 12 years, the two sisters have travelled to the most remote and unexplored parts of the country. In the year 2010 she decided to take her passion to the next level with her sister Prachi Garg and help other solo women also chase their travel dreams. This eventually lead to the birth of their travel startup . They have been featured across leading news outlets including CNN, Tripoto, SBS, Holidify

Commenting on the launch of her book, Himadri Garg says “As a kid we have always travelled as a family and I cherish the times that we spent with our family during those travels. Till date, we have an yearly travel family affair to the places with minimum network connectivity so that as a family we can spend quality time. The idea of writing this book was to encourage people to travel.”

Her book “Ghoomophiro- Travel bringing families together” is inspired by her travel experiences along with her sister. The novel evolves around two sisters Nitika and Kritika who are extremely fond of travelling and plan to celebrate their 25th travel anniversary with their complete family. The book is a conversation between two sisters and the family who are curious about their experiences and different aspects of travel.

With its vivid descriptions, uplifting adventures, the book narrates the tale of a journey that everyone can live with, relate to and inspire anyone to pack their bags and explore the world outside. The book is priced at 199 Rs and is available at amazon, flipkart, and other major bookstores.

An MBA graduate in Advertising & marketing communication from Symbiosis International University, Himadri is an evangelist for ‘Solo Women Travel’. To promote women traveling, she does her annual solo photo exhibition at Indian Habitat Centre, New Delhi which was a unique and one of its kind exhibition that showcased pictures from her travel. Himadri has represented India at ‘Zafigox 2018’ an event for women to learn, discover, be inspired, and meet other bold, adventurous, and extraordinary women. The event held in Malaysia last year. Himadri is one of the country’s leading adventure travel influencer and has received numerous awards for travel achievements.

The ‘GhoomoPhiro Sisters’ Himadri Garg and Prachi Garg are dedicated to showcase India’s amazing scenery and empower women to travel alone, without their families. They customize itinerary for solo and group women travellers to suit their requirement, budget and comfort levels. Their startup also organizes team outings and team building activities for women. They partner with various tourism boards to showcase the beauty of the place via

Himadri Garg

Author Bio: Himadri Garg is a traveler, photographer, and digital marketer. She is currently working in a marketing service agency as well as following her passion for trekking, traveling & photography. Academically she is an MBA graduate in Advertising & marketing communication from Symbiosis International University.

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