Aleph to Publish Gunboat Jack: A Novel by Timeri N. Murari


Based on a real-life character, a legendary American boxer who lived in Bangalore in the 1960s and the 1970s, Timeri N. Murari’s novel tells us the thrilling story of a competition between two opponents, one Indian, the other English. Set in the early years of the country’s Independence, the heightened tensions following the departure of the British give the outcome of the boxing match an added edge. Gunboat Jack agrees to coach the Indian boxer, but will that be enough to win against the stronger, more experienced Brit?

Picture Credit: Aleph
Picture Credit: Aleph


Timeri N. Murari began his career as a reporter for a Canadian newspaper before moving to London to write for The Guardian, Sunday Times and other newspapers, and magazines. He also wrote columns and articles for The Hindu, Frontline and the Indian Express. He has written sixteen novels, five non-fiction books, a young adult trilogy, stage plays and screenplays. Time included his film, Daayra, in its top ten films of the year in which it was screened and he later directed it as a stage play, starring Parminder Nagra. His novel Taj has been translated into twenty-five languages and The Taliban Cricket Club into eight.

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