Bloomsbury to Publish Everest Sapno ki Udaan : Sifar se Shikhar Tak Ravindra Kumar

A powerful and insightful read on the functioning of the human mind and its effect of positive visualisation, drawn from the life experience of the first IAS officer to climb Mount Everest.

As the first IAS officer to climb the world’s tallest peak, Ravindra Kumar in this book has presented Mount Everest as a symbol of life’s problems beyond the limit of a physical barrier. Introducing the innovative technique of ‘Advanced Positive Visualisation’, the author explains how the various Everests of life can be conquered with this success key.

Kumar has tested the impact of this technique personally and has achieved many feats —starting from his selection in the prestigious IIT entrance examination to his selection in the premier Civil Services Examination and becoming an IAS officer after working at sea for many years and, thereafter, climbing the highest peak of the world in his maiden attempt. It is through his life journey and after analysing its impact, the author has presented to the reader the innate power lying dormant in the human mind.

Kumar’s claim is based on the fact that our brain catches the image of anything before any other sensory perception like speech, hearing, smell, touch, etc. Although this is a daily phenomenon we don’t notice it. The author has not only documented his observation from day-to-day life but has also explained it scientifically by connecting the dots of old as well as modern scientific researches, including Einstein’s theory of relativity, findings by yogis, experiments on human brain by modern research centres such as Harvard Medical School, Leningrad Military Laboratory, etc. He has explained this technical subject in a simple lucid language to be understood by all.

By demonstrating the miraculous effect of this technique in the lives of ordinary people through the example of his life, the author explains to the readers, and in the process motivates them on how, despite life’s vicissitudes, one can achieve one’s dreams.

  • A lucid, enlightening and engrossing read on the inspiring journey of an IAS officer to the highest peak of the world
  • An insightful read on an adventurous journey of a weak and malnourished boy born in the Gangetic plains of India to the deepest ocean and the highest mountain
  • Provides a scientific and practical explanation of the functioning of ‘human mind’ and its unique power of ‘Positive Visualisation’
  • Contains a brief and scientific explanation of astrology and palmistry
  • Is a storehouse of awe-inspiring facts about the Himalayas and Mount Everest, including preparations required and challenges involved in climbing it

Author Biography:

Born in a farmer’s family in Begusarai district of Bihar in 1981, Ravindra Kumar cracked the IIT Entrance Examination in 1999 in his maiden attempt and later the Civil Services Examination in 2011.

Finally, he settled in his current job in the Indian Administrative Services in 2011 after working over a decade in shipping. He further climbed the summit of Mount Everest in 2013 and set the record of being the first IAS officer to scale the peak. He was awarded the Sikkim Khel Ratna Award, Bihar Vishesh Khel Samman, Kashti Ratna Award, Sailor Today Award, Atal Mithila Samman, National Gaurav Award and many more such accolades for this feat.

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