Bloomsbury to Publish Guru A Long Walk to Success An Autobiography by Narendra Raval & Kailash Mota

Bloomsbury to Publish Guru A Long Walk to Success An Autobiography by Narendra Raval & Kailash Mota

This biography of one of East Africa’s richest industrialists (Top #50 richest men in Forbes Africa 2015 list) leaves an enduring legacy filled with earthy wisdom for young entrepreneurs around the world  who are inspired to follow the great man’s footsteps

The journey of a boy that began from a little-known village of Mathak in Gujarat, India, culminated in the creation of East Africa’s biggest business groups to straddle the industrial world of steel, cement, infrastructure and aviation. This is the inspiring story of Narendra Rawal, endearingly known as ‘Guru’, who began from the most humble beginnings to reach the zenith of his career through tireless hard work, an inherent business acumen and sheer tenacity.

The biography, in collaboration with his dear friend and colleague, Kailash Mota, traces four decades in the life of Guru Bhai Narendra Rawal. It is hard to believe that the astute businessman, who successfully built a US$400 million industrial empire, began his work life as a young, teenage priest in Nairobi, Kenya. Today, Guru Bhai runs his business empire with more 4,000 employees spread across East Africa. He was also featured among the top 50 richest men in the Forbes Africa 2015 list.

A fascinating, awe-inspiring biography, The Long Walk to Success is a legacy of wisdom and guidance for young entrepreneurs inspiring to walk in Guru Bhai’s footsteps.

  • The book is a typical ‘rags to riches’ story, tracing the life and achievements one of East Africa’s successful industrialists and philanthropists, Guru Bhai Narendra Rawal.
  • The biography is an inspiring tale of how it is never too late to learn anything new and where a ‘never  say die’ attitude can lead each one of us.
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Kailash Mota is a qualified chartered accountant, who gave up his successful career after twenty-eight long years. Writing has been his passion, and this is his first attempt at penning a formal biography. It took the author nearly six months to convince Mr Rawal to have his biography written.

Kailash has been associated with Mr Rawal and his family over the past two years, ever since he began researching the latter’s inspiring journey through life. The entire process of collecting material for the biography and penning it down took him nearly two years to complete. During this period, he met and interviewed people from India as well as Kenya, who had influenced Guru Bhai as a child, a teenage priest in Bhuj and Nairobi, and then as an industrialist and philanthropist.

This is the author’s painstaking record of the immensely eventful and colourful life of Guru Bhai Narendra Rawal.
Currently, Kailash Mota is a freelance career counsellor and international recruitment consultant.


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