Bloomsbury to Publish Knotty Affairs by Chirag Bagadia

Bloomsbury to Publish Knotty Affairs by Chirag Bagadia

We Indians, dipped in the rich traditional culture, have the penchant to enjoy even the smallest of the customs involved in lavish marriage celebrations. The very thought of our best friend getting married is enough to get us excited for the marriage functions.

Out of the many traditions celebrated, one of them involves an Indian bride leaving her parents’ home and moving in with her husband and inlaws.

For an Indian guy, there always is a choice- whether he has to stay with his parents or stay separately.

Unfortunately, for an Indian girl, it is never a matter of choice..even if a girl loves her parents dearly, she is rooted out of her parents’ lovenest and placed in a complete stranger world.

Picture Credit: Bloomsbury

Picture Credit: Bloomsbury

What happens when Aakash, a 27 year old budding dentist falls in love with a girl who is not in sync with this one tradition followed during the marriages. What if she is courageous enough to tell Aakash“

Just as you love your parents, I love mine too..why am I asked to leave them if you can’t?”
Aakash, although in love with the girl, is left questioning his own belief, when he finds his love simply not in acceptance with one ‘mandatory’ tradition involved in marriage.

Take this breath-taking and tradition-defying journey with Aakash, Kashish and Aneri as they dare to delve deeper into the web of love and relationship. Witness them write their love own love letter to their parents in the most unique and life-defining way.

Warm up to their crazy antics and solutions as they string to your hearts and almost make you ask yourself why can’t this be my journey too?

Author Biography: Dr Chirag Bagadia is a Mumbai-based dentist who runs his own private clinic,
Moonsmile Dental Care and Multispecialty. He has completed his BDS from YMT Dental College in 2008 and holds an MA in Yogashashtra from Somaiya College. When he is not busy designing smiles for his patients, he works as a yoga consultant, catering to high profile clients on a personal basis.

His debut novel, Knotty Affairs is a powerful story questioning the roots of Indian marriage. A heart-warming tale about friendship, love, family, and everything in between, this book is a result of his long-standing aspiration and acute interest in creative fiction writing.

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