Bloomsbury to Publish The Battle for Sky The Murdochs, Disney, Comcast and the Future of Entertainment by Christopher Williams

The story of how Sky became one of Britain’s most successful companies and the hottest property in global entertainment.

From perilous early years through clashes with the BBC and BT, not to mention the News Corporation bid for full control that failed in the wake of 2010’s phone hacking scandal, there has been no shortage of drama in Sky’s history – nor in its likely future.
The organization is now the target of bids from two true titans of the global media industry – Disney and Comcast – who are fighting it out for ultimate ownership. Throw in an industry already shaken by the arrival of newer media players such as Netflix, the declining circulation of Murdoch newspapers such as The Sun and The Times, as well as the UK government’s scrutiny of the Murdoch family’s influence on UK media, and the
scene is set for a major corporate battle.
But how will the story play out? Who will win in the battle for shareholder votes? And how will the Murdoch empire fare when the dust finally settles?
Featuring interviews with key individuals and stakeholders from around the world, The Battle for Sky offers a timely and intriguing glimpse into the workings of media empires.

  • International recognition, given the involvement of the Murdochs, Sky, Fox, Disney and Comcast.
  • Features interviews and first-hand testimony from key players – including broadcasters, legislators, TV personalities and politicians.
  • Publication is being timed to coincide with the final battle for control of Sky, with a full assessment of the implications of either a Disney or Comcast win, Publicity opportunities via The Telegraph, for whom the author works (including possible serialization).

Author Biography
Christopher Williams is The Telegraph’s Deputy Business Editor, with a focus on M&A, business politics and the media industry, a role he’s filled for the past seven years. Prior to that, he has covered tech, media and telecoms for a number of publications (including in California) – notably freelance projects for the Sunday Times, The Economist and the Guardian. Born and raised in Sheffield, he is based in London.

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