Book Release: Namaha Stories From the Land of Gods and Goddesses by Abhishek Singh

Wonder House Books launches


Stories  From the Land of Gods and Goddesses

by Abhishek Singh

At 1AQ – 1-A Qutub Minar Roundabout, Mehrauli Road, New Delhi 110030

The Book was launched at 6:00 p.m., Friday, 30th August, 1AQ Art Gallery, New Delhi

Wonder House Books celebrates the launch of Abhishek Singh’s Namaha-Stories From the Land of God and Goddesses, a collection of short stories inspired by the ancient wisdom literature of India. Each story is accompanied by a painting by Abhishek Singh.

Picture Credit: Wonder House Books

The event was a treat for both art and literature lovers alike with conversations between Abhishek Singh and Anubhav R. Nath,  Director, Ojas Art Gallery and co-founder, Ramchander Nath Foundation. The author took the audience into the fantastical worlds of ancient Indian Mythology, deciphering its many symbolic humantistic and ecological layers.

He further explained in detail how through his paintings and this unique book Namaha, he has attempted to present his understanding of the ancient texts, the world, and everything beyond and within.

Picture Credit: Wonder House Books

The audience thronged to buy the copies of the book Namaha and artist Abhishek signed and skecthed on each one of them.  

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