Book Review: Ganga by Anuja Chandramouli

Book Name: Ganga: The Constant Goddess

Author: Anuja Chandramouli

Publisher: Rupa

Genre: Fiction

Rating: 5/5

Book Blurb: Believed to be the liquid manifestation of Shakti and the nurturer of the three worlds with her life-sustaining waters, Goddess Ganga is the epitome of beauty and purity, famous for her indomitable spirit and boundless charm. Renowned as a devoted daughter, a caring mother, a passionate lover and a merciful saviour, she is here to absorb and absolve us of our sins. A constant goddess, she is part of the Indian ethos, revered and loved across the ages.
The exquisite epic that is Ganga’s story, from her miraculous origins, her sojourn in the heavens, her poignant relationships with the divine trinity, the birth of her sons Bhishma and Kartikeya and her descent into a wicked world that is not worthy of her, is dazzlingly told by Anuja Chandramouli. Without this Goddess, life as we know it will be over, for her righteous retribution will be terrifying.
This book is a vibrant retelling of the story of Ganga, who has the power to save us all and bestow the precious gift of moksha, embracing saints and sinners alike with her all-encompassing compassion.

Review: Anuja tells the story of Ganga, one of the most revered rivers of India and worshipped as a Goddess by millions. The tale is widely known and is a part of Indian mythology but Anuja tells it in a simple manner weaving a tale around the mythological aspects lending it a novelty that makes it worth a read.

Writing mythological fiction requires a lot of research and this book has been written by somebody who is getting better with each book.

Anuja’s simple laymen language and ability to spin a yarn around an age old topic (that has been recounted many times) is something unique and she deserves her readership.

“Ganga mulled over her sister’s decision as she trekked homeward.”

It is not just Ganga’s tale but the various other characters in the form of many Indian Gods and Goddesses are also well developed and given space in this enriching book. Anuja writes simply and for the ordinary folk who love a story. Even if you have read the story of Ganga and are familiar with the mythological tale, this book has been written in an entirely different manner making it unique and immensely enjoyable.

“Some stories make you feel like you were actually a part of them even if it was only as a mute spectator; they feel so so real.”

How true!

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