Book Review: It’s My Girlfriend’s Wedding by Sahil Rajput

Book Name: It’s My Girlfriend’s Wedding
Author: Sahil Rajput
Publisher: Fingerprint
Genre: Fiction
Rating: 3.5/5

Book Blurb: Tall, rich and handsome, Vivan is the most sought-after bachelor. Recently returned from London, he is the one and only scion of Bakshi Group of Companies.

A perfect gentleman, an astute businessman, Vivan Bakshi has it all. But he is about to lose his girlfriend to someone else! Left with her wedding invitation, what will Vivan do?


From a silver spoon existence to roadside dhaba drudgery, Vivan undertakes it all as he sets off in search of his love, finding a lot more into the bargain.

A pacy romance, this tale is a revelation that True Love doesn’t come that easy. It demands hard work!

“So, a million dollars are more important than our relationship, right?”.

Review: ‘It’s My Girlfriend’s Wedding’ is a tongue in cheek tale about a couple (Maya and Vivan) who are in a relationship. But there is a minor glitch! The girl is getting married to someone else and the boyfriend has to snatch a deal which is very important for his career.

The entire action revolves around this plot and also leads to some hilarious moments even though the book is on a serious subject. The author has presented the entire saga in a frank and easy to comprehend language.

Will Vivan manage to secure the deal and also find his true love, Maya?

There is enough drama and a decent plot to hold a reader’s interest. The subject is contemporary and highly relatable to the younger generation. Perhaps the book is also aimed at such a market.

But don’t expect too much from this book as its meant to be a short-lived and easy tale that you can simply read and enjoy.

It makes for some pretty fast-paced storytelling and this book is perfect for a one time read. Ideal if you are traveling on a flight or train and looking for something to read and finish in one session.

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