Book Review: Keshava by Bhawana Somaaya

Book Name: Keshava

Author: Bhawana Somaaya

Publisher: Fingerprint

Rating: 4/5

Book Blurb: Everyone associated with Sri Krishna believes that their relationship with the deity is unique, which explains why every gopika felt that the Lord was dancing with her at the Maharaas. That is Sri Krishna’s magic and also his power that he becomes the centre of their existence. He has that effect on not just humans but on everything on the planet—both living and non-living.
This book is about Sri Krishna’s relationship with nature; the Peacock, the Kadamba tree, the Flute, the herbal plant Tulsi, the Lotus, his cow Kamadhenu, the Conch and the Peepala tree.

All of them believe that Keshava loves them the most. Can this be true?

Keshava, A Magnificent Obsession is the story of these special bindings, stories of passion, submission, devotion and of uncontainable desire.

Review: Bhawana Somaaya in Keshava explains the articles and nature’s treasures frequently associated with Lord Krishna. The author has done a considerbale amount of research and it shows in the book. Only somebody who is a true devotee of Lord Krishna could have compiled such concise information.

Right from the flute to the tulsi plant, their association and significance with Lord Krishna is dealt with in detail. The book has Sanskrit verses too which are explained in easy and layman’s terms. While some of the stories may sound familiar, others such as the origins of Kamadhenu and Prajanya are not so well known.

Writing about Ashwatha, the writer explains:

“I am recognised as Ficus religiosa in other parts of the universe, referred to as the Bodhi tree by followers of Buddhist faith, as it was beneath me that Lord Buddha found enlightenment.”

The book is a treasure trove for anybody interested in learning about Lord Krishna.

There are many ways to interpret this book. It is a deeply spiritual work but written for the ordinary man and thus the language used is simple and shouldn’t pose much difficulty for even the casual reader. The intricate relationship with nature’s works such as trees and plants is also explained with their origins and associations with Lord Krishna.

This book is full of a wealth of information and is an enjoyable read.

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