Book Review: The Trail of four by Manjiri Prabhu

Book Name: The Trail of four

Author’s Name: Manjiri Prabhu

Rating: 4/5

Publisher: Bloomsbury

Book Blurb: Max Reinhardt, Europe’s most famous theatre director, once adopted the town as home. As the Nazis advanced on his beloved city, he- like many others-fled it forever. Why, then, did he leave a secret intended to be discovered decades later?

Book Review: Manjiri has tried to build a thriller and the Trail of four is backed by extensive research- hallmark of any good book! She takes inspiration from Dan Brown and it’s a bit too obvious in the entire novel. However, we don’t mind as long as it is done well and this is where Manjiri shines. The descriptions are not very consistent and you would be left hanging in the middle trying to fathom the plot at some places. You cannot help comparing the Trail of four to the other works far too famous and well known.

Sample this following riddle for instance from The Trail of Four; strikes a bell?

‘Right across from my heart and soul,

On the curve of the mirror, lies the goal.

As the postcard of beauty, lies on the ancient tree

The rocking and path leads to where the four touch the sky free.’

In the Trail of four, Re, Isabel, Stefan and Dan come together as unlikely accomplices to solve what seems impossible at first. Manjiri is a gifted writer and spins a good yarn. She provides meticulous details and tickles the reader at the right moment, the excitement and thrill never wears off while reading the Trail of four.

Isabel’s character is quite vivacious and Re holds the fort in the entire book quite well.

The downside is that there are far too many characters than necessary. Half the length of the book would have sufficed. But a good effort and a great read for casual readers.


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