Book Review: Vedanta: Spirituality for Leadership and Success by Pranay

Book Name: Vedanta: Spirituality for Leadership and Success

Author: Pranay

Publisher: Fingerprint

Genre: Sprituality

Rating: 4/5

Picture Credit: Fingerprint
Picture Credit: Fingerprint

Book Blurb: Whether you are a leader, a potential leader, or a regular individual, the ultimate goal of your life is to realize your own divinity, which is, in fact, your true nature—this is what the ancient philosophy of Vedanta propagates, a philosophy that is quintessential to Eastern thought and mysticism. Such timeless and important teachings have been judiciously collected and transformed into relevant take a ways by the author in this self-help guide. Through the distillation of Vedic and upanishadic knowledge, This book expounds vedanta’s eternal principles of life and living, and offers crucial lessons for awakening your highest leadership and success potential.

Review: This is a new series initiative by Fingerprint and are in the form of small pocket book guides that are apt for the new millennial generation.

Many people have written about Vedanta and it is a subject that is difficult to understand. Pranay has a wealth of knowledge and conveys it in a simple, easy to understand language that should have mass appeal.

“We are born with infinite capacity, but we always look for its false substitute in the outer world. The real search always begins within”.

This particular series dwells on the question of leadership and the chapters alternate between the ancient wisdom and the modern leadership equation. Only someone with a deep-rooted understanding of the subject can explain it in such simple terms.

The visionary leader chapter will find appeal as it goes into the greater question of the purpose of leadership and how a leader can inspire others after finding inspiration within.

“Ultimately only that person can be truly happy who can create happiness for others”.

The book is divided into multiple chapters each dealing with topics that every leader needs to learn and imbibe. Courage during crisis is particularly well-written. Ultimately, the book does not come across as preachy but has a friendly tone- like talking to a friend and guide.

The book could have in addition provided some exercises for better understanding but it is enough as an introductory series.

This particular series can serve as a handy, readymade guide for modern management leaders who are looking for effective ways to communicate with their team.

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