‘Continuous Surveillance’ by Saima Eman

Where did you place your dining mat?

Why does your belly seem so fat?

I asked for tomatoes and you brought onions!

Look at the way you dress, weird in millions!

Where are you going? When would you come?

Digested bread without a block in your bum?

Ah! Disappointed at what your daughter wore!

You deliberately broke my heart’s core!

Look at your chaotic room, a library strange!

Pay the bills for electric power in exchange!

You locked the doors ‘coz you mistrust us!

Over worldly things you make such a fuss!

Cutting the vegetable, oh so slow!

I will wash your baby head to toe!

Sleepy princess look after the house!

Till when will I tend your spouse?

Lonely soul does not mix up!

Lives elite, relates poor!

Check the baby’s pamper!

Reward her tantrum!

Give away this cloth!

It’s useless and rot!

Where is your sister spending this Eid?

In their homes all women celebrate and cheer,

Throw this bag, wash garments with surf!

I will wash your lu, I know its rough!

Daily you eat an egg and give him none!

Go on Chinese dinner and have some fun!

Argh! this surveillance, don’t know its end!

When peace messengers, angels will send?


Poet’s Bio: Saima Eman is a PhD Commonwealth Scholar at University of Sheffield, UK and a Lecturer in Psychology at Lahore College for Women University, Lahore, Pakistan. She is also the Founder and the President of Khan Bahadur Visionaries Welfare, a unique emerging NGO in Pakistan. She has written over 100 poems in English and several in Urdu.

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