Fingerprint to publish Anand Sivakumaran’s Natasha Mehra Must Die

Fingerprint to publish Anand Sivakumaran’s Natasha Mehra Must Die. The book is a slick, taut, exciting read that will keep you awake till you have turned the last page.

The eponymous protagonist of the novel is a campus oddball and social outcast, and has always hated her name, but now she has a genuine reason to do just that—for someone is killing every child, girl, and woman named Natasha Mehra.

What Natasha doesn’t know is that these murders aren’t random acts of a psychopathic killer but part of a conspiracy hatched over two millennia ago . . .

Will she be able to save herself? Gripping beyond measure and totally unputdownable, this is part one of the Doomsday series.




Anand Sivakumaran

About the book: A 14-year-old girl is butchered in a high school shooting.

A 72-year-old woman is throttled at home.

Picture Credit: Fingerprint

Picture Credit: Fingerprint

A 7-year-old child is crushed into the concrete by a trash dumper.

The only thing common between all of them: their name.

Someone is slaughtering every woman, girl, and child named Natasha Mehra . . .

Which is what Natasha Mehra, the most unpopular girl on campus, discovers. Though she’s always hated her name, she would’ve never imagined that it would be the reason she would be on the run from a gruesome death.

But these murders aren’t random acts of madness. Rather, they are part of a conspiracy hatched by the Kul, an allpowerful secret organisation with tentacles everywhere.

And the success or failure of this 2000-year-old mission will determine the future of humankind . . .

“Anand’s new Natasha saga spans two millennia, he has made it possible – writing with childlike zeal a profound story – to bring down the boundaries of time. ‘Natasha Mehra Must Die’ unleashes the threat of historic legacy onto your contemporary world. It’s a thrilling read for all ages, at any time. ”

–Imtiaz Ali

About the author: Anand Sivakumaran has been telling stories since he was five. After passing out of IIT Bombay, he did stints in journalism, advertising, event management, and youth marketing, before landing up in the entertainment business. His credits include films like Kalyug and Nazar and TV shows like The Buddy Project, Sadda Haq, Miley Jab Hum Tum, Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahin, Rishtey, Adhafull, etc. He has directed two films as well—Detour and Money Devo Bhava (awaiting release).

He currently runs CROCTALES, a creative shop that makes and runs web series, films, and TV shows.

Anand also does live, interactive storytelling which involves making up stories on the spot in front of a live audience using their words. He also has a storytelling podcast—The Croc’s Tales—again telling stories using listener’s prompts.

Mumbai is his base in between exploring the world.

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