Fingerprint to publish Eat Up, Clean Up by Manjari Chandra

Picture Credit: Fingerprint
Picture Credit: Fingerprint

‘The book beautifully talks about going back to the roots when it comes to health care, following the secrets of our grandmothers rather than concentrating on losing weight. I love how Manjari talks about health care more than sick care.’

DR. BLOSSOM KOCHHAR, Founder and Director of The Blossom Kochhar Group of Companies, Aroma Magic, Blossom Kochhar College of Creative Arts & Design (BKCCAD), and Aroma Veda

‘Staying healthy is a matter of making some good choices. Read this amazing book to know what are those right choices.’

DR. ASHOK BAJPAI, Member of Parliament

Today, everyone is an expert on losing weight and eating right. Foods fall in and out of trend faster than shoes. In this cacophony of voices, it is relatively easy to hop from one crash diet to another in our never-ending obsession with being thin.

Our compromises with food have left us prone to a wide range of lifestyle-induced diseases. Whether it is PCOS or hypertension or cancer, these are all a direct result of our way of living and eating. Since there are no apparent symptoms, we ignore, overlook, and carry on—on caffeine and packaged pasta. But what we don’t realise is that the mysteries of a healthy and fit body lie in our traditional meals and cooking methods rather than the next crazy diet fad on social media.

A book on nutrition, health, and disease reversal, Eat Up, Clean Up uses stories of people around you, people you know, to hammer home a critical point: small changes give you significant results. This book attempts to make you think long and hard about your dietary choices and how you perceive health and well-being. It doesn’t speak of any wonder foods or supplements that will magically make you fitter and your body more robust, rather it’ll urge you to cook your own food the way it was done in the good old days . . . since there aren’t any shortcuts to health.

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