Fingerprint to Publish Fight with Fat by Dr. Kamal Mahawar

Are you overweight?
You are not alone.

Globally, approximately two billion people fall in this category. Closer home, India too battles this pandemic with over three crore of its population obese, and a much larger number overweight.

Picture Credit: Fingerprint
Picture Credit: Fingerprint

The numbers keep showing an upward trend and the health index a downward one. And yet, at least in theory, obesity is completely preventable.

After his last book, The Ethical Doctor, which focussed on structural issues with Indian healthcare, Dr. Kamal Mahawar is now back with his take on what you can do to manage your weight and health. In a gripping text interspersed with biting, no-holds-barred commentary on contemporary Indian intelligentsia and outdated social norms, Dr. Mahawar, with Fight With Fat, presents all that you need to know about obesity and how you can fight it for good.

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