‘Of Love, Etc.’ by Dipima Buragohain

Your dreams and my eyes,

Your hopes and my smile,

My wishes and your twinkle,

My desires and your lips,

Between yours and mine

Lies the thing called love.


He said, “I’m in love with you”

I smiled in silence.

He asked, “Do you love me?”

I smiled again.

He said, “Say something”

I said, “Talk to my smile

Or read my eyes”


If I lend you

My wings of

Thousand hopeful dreams,

Will you share

The nest of

Your twinkling sky?


Poet’s Bio: Dr. Dipima Buragohain is an Instructional Designer by profession and Wanderer by choice. Hailing from Assam, India, she loves to enhance the horizon of knowledge by exploring and experiencing the myriad ways of things that her interests fetch to her. A Doctorate in Linguistics from Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, she has ventured into the realms of her interests profoundly and with the right amount of comfort, right from being into academics to content developing, and finally instructional designing. At 33, she realizes life has always offered her the best of the worlds, people and places. And she hopes it will keep offering her the best in the time to come. She can also be heard at phoenixcroons.blogspot.in and cowbird.com.


Illustration by Alan Van Every (Featured image on the front page)

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