Rupa Publications to publish The Winning Sixer by W.V. Raman


Can I become a leader? What does it take to become a successful leader?

What is it that a leader does which singles him out from the rest?

All the attributes that are required for a leader, exist in each one of us. The winners and successful leaders make better use of these attributes, constantly refining, updating and revising them on a regular basis. They also look inwards and are ruthlessly honest with themselves.

Picture Credit: Rupa
Picture Credit: Rupa

W.V. Raman, the current Head Coach of the Indian Women’s team, in his debut book, The Winning Sixer, shows the way to unleash the potential that one has as a leader. Taking examples from his own cricketing journey and his interactions with other sports personalities over the years, the author brings about an out-of-the-box thinking on leaders and leadership.


W.V. Raman is a former Indian cricketer who played for Tamil Nadu in domestic cricket for over 17 years. He started off as a left arm spinner and went to become an opening batsman for India. His cricket career apart, he executed several roles in different functions in the corporate sector for close to two decades, before becoming a full-time coach. Post retirement from cricket, he wrote incisive and crisp columns on cricket in the print and digital media.

Eventually, in 2006, he chose coaching as his calling and is one of the most highly respected and acclaimed coaches in India. He has coached elite teams at various levels and many top-notch cricketers have gained from his knowledge. He took over as the head coach of the Indian Women’s team in January 2019.

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