Rupa to publish BUDDHA IN GANDHARA by Sunita Dwivedi


Picture Credit: Rupa
Picture Credit: Rupa

Buddha in Gandhara is the saga of ancient Buddhist cities of Gandhara—a region that extended from north-western Pakistan to eastern and north-eastern Afghanistan. It tells stories of cities that once dotted the highroad connecting India with Central Asia and China. It traces the network of Asian trade routes that nourished these cities with goods, people and ideas. It also trains the spotlight on the magnificent art of Gandhara that still clings to the ruins of these heritage cities and also those that are showcased in the museums of Asia and Europe.

SUNITA DWIVEDI is a Silk Road traveller, photographer and independent researcher. She has authored three travelogues based on her travels along ancient Buddhist routes through China, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and the Central Asian Republics.

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